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29er’s no longer going to be made – The Web Monkey Speaks: Please Don’t Kill The 29er

Originally posted on Kite*Surf*Bike*Rambling:
i love my Lynskey 29er – it is the most versatile and fastest hard tail I have owned …. this from DIRT I’ll just cut to the chase here: If you are a…

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What the bible says about DOGS

It is now scientifically established that dogs are wholly satanic.  But as the average daily mail reader would say: those stupid scientists should have simply asked the bible if they wanted to know that.  As conclusive proof that dogs are … Continue reading

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How to talk to your cats about kitteh jesus – spreading the good miaows

We live in an inclusive society.  It’s more acceptable to be politically correct and to not make anyone feel uncomfortable, especially on matters of theology. Sometimes that makes it tough to be blatantly direct and unwavering in a fundamental truth.  … Continue reading

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Kitteh Jesus

Jesus H Christ was one of the most influential beings of all time, with books, films, songs and other stuff like musicals all featuring him. That said, little is known about him. A careful analysis of the bible reveals some … Continue reading

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